Monday, October 19, 2015

My 30th!

Call me selfish but I wanted to really celebrate my 30th. At first I hinted to Tyler about my wishes but soon realized things would be best with my planning abilities. We booked Vegas back in June and I took off two days from daycare. We invited family and friends but realized it being during the work week made it pretty difficult for most. Thankfully Shirley and Brandon joined us and we're so glad they did!
 I'll get to Vegas later.
 I then decided I wanted to do something with family/friends at home. Tyler and I found this amazing house in Park City, and we knew it would be perfect. Friday night we headed up and spent the night with our friends. We had great food and even better company. The kids were amazing! Nash went to bed around 9pm and he slept pretty much all night. Gage stayed up and partied but did well as well. The house was huge and beautiful. It did have tons of taxidermy which made things interesting.
The master bath was bigger than our house. Kidding but it was huge! That room down the hall was the master closet and that's where Nash's crib was, worked out perfectly. We also woke up one morning to this moose, it was really fun watching him from our balcony. 
Saturday morning we had a big breakfast and slowly cleaned up. We then headed up to Park City to play on the alpine slides. We had to wait for an hour to ride the slides. As soon as we got to the top of the lift it started to rain and we had to go back down. We were bummed but thankfully the boys didn't care too much. 

We said goodbye to our friends and went back to the house for a nap. We were pretty exhausted at this point and even Gage zoned out. Our family then arrived and it was party night #2. At this point the boys were super ornery, thank goodness they snapped out of it fast. We headed over to Billy Blancos in Park City. Shirley recommended it and it was great! Nash is very anti-restuarant so we rarely go out to eat. Thank goodness they put us in this huge booth and he did pretty well. 
That night we relaxed, enjoyed my grandparents company, and the kiddos swam in the tub. The house had a hottub but the bath worked just as well. These kiddos are going to have the best memories growing up! The boys slept till 8 Sunday morning, it was beautiful! Shirley and Brandon made us an amazing breakfast and the kiddos were all in cute moods. We slowly packed up and headed home! My family made me a slideshow video and it was really great. It was fun to watch it with my entire family and reminisce.
That night we went to Dinner at Zach and Monica's. They invited us over to celebrate Julie and I's birthdays! It was fun watching these 3 play together! 
The night before my Birthday we took the boys to my parents and flew out to Vegas. I can never say enough how thankful I am for my parents! They take care of our boys like no other and my boys love being there. Tyler and I have a very strong relationship and I give a lot of credit to my family who help us. I truly believe without a strong marriage, your family will go no where. Anyways, It was so nice waking up in Vegas for my birthday! We went to The hash house and had yummy food. We spent some time at the pool. We even took a little nap before our night! That night we got dressed up and went to dinner at House of Blues. We then headed to the Zarkana show. It was a good show but nothing I'd see again. I possibly might've zonked out a few times. After the show we walked the strip searching for a brownie sundae for me. We finally found one at Mandalay Bay and it was perfect. I had the best day and we made some hilarious memories. We've traveled a lot with Shirley and Brandon and we always have the best time!
The next day we spent eating, swimming, gambling, and walking. We went to a comedy show which was hilarious! We then had burgers on the strip, and danced till late on the strip at the new yorker. I love that Tyler always gets us dancing and enjoying ourselves. The inside jokes we will have from this night were endless. Shirley and Tyler could've stayed out till early morning but thankfully my old 30 self pulled them back to reality. ;) 

I seriously had the best birthday! Thanks to everyone and mostly my husband for making me feel so loved! 

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