Friday, March 7, 2014

8 Months

I'm a little late with this but Nash turned 8 months on Feb 23rd.  It's crazy how much he is growing up and his little personality is shining through! At 8 months...

-He's around 22lbs and 28 inches. Not sure on the percentile for those, we have his 9 month check up this month. He's a big boy but Gage was 21lbs at 8 months so very similar. 
-He's wearing size 9-12 month clothes and growing out of things too fast! He's in size 4 diapers. Yep no more little baby.
-He's eating baby food like a champ and he likes it all! Last night I tried his first finger foods and he hated them. He choked and made the funniest faces. He will eat puffs and yogurt melts but we have to feed them to him. He's cutting back on bottles and getting picky with them. He won't hold them but doesn't like others to hold them as well. We have to prop them in a quiet room. Yep it's a pain in the butt, thankfully he will drink them on the go. 
-His sleeping is everywhere. He's not a good sleeper! Maybe one day he will be, wishful thinking!! He has slept through the night more than not so I will be thankful for those nights. 
-He still smiles constantly and he's such an easy baby during the day. He's chill with just sitting and playing. The only time he gets cranky is when he's hungry or tired. He loves the daycare kids and loves most adults. He started showing signs on stranger danger but thankfully he's been much better.
-He has 6 teeth!
-He had his first haircut last night, March 4th. He has lots of  cute blonde crazy hair.
-When he gets excited he kicks his legs like crazy!
-He LOVES shopping and being in the shopping cart. Its crazy how much he likes the car and being out into the world. I love shopping with him!
-He loves being outside and in the bath!
-He's had another double ear infection this month. Dang winter!
-He sat in the high chair at the restaurant this month!
-He can roll both directions but refuses to roll from back to belly unless he HAS TOO. Still no signs of crawling or pulling yourself up. You're going to be our lazy baby for sure.
-He would rather be naked than dressed but he loves getting his diaper changed.  He loves his neck rubbed or his ears. 
-He still falls asleep in our arms all the time.
-He loves to jibber jabber and pull hair. He loves to eat faces and he grabs for everything.
We love you Nash!

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