Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

I've been having some major blog picture loading drama with this post so yes all the pictures are mixed. Deal! Christmas and Christmas Eve this year were perfect! The boys were both good and they both really seemed to enjoy the craziness. Christmas is crazy but a good crazy I guess! Christmas Eve we woke up and took Nash to his 6 month appointment. He did great getting his shots, and yes mother of the year scheduling them that day. Afterwards we took him over to my parents and we did Christmas Eve Jammies there. We left Nash with my parents while Gage, Tyler and I did our Christmas Eve movie. We went and saw Walking with Dinosaurs. It was ok, nothing too amazing. We picked Nash up and headed to Grandma Lintz's for dinner. We had a great meal and the boys did good. We all got super spoiled and all enjoyed being together with family. We headed home and put the cookies and milk out and Gage was eager for bed! Nash woke up on Christmas at 6:30 a.m. we fed him a bottle and Gage soon joined us in our room. We recorded Gage coming out into the front room but loading it on here is annoying too.  He was so excited to see his bike and he jumped right on. He also made sure to point out brothers pony as well, he's always looking out for him. Gage's favorites from Christmas morning were... His bike, his miami helmet and jersey, his furby, his ninja turtle game, and his angry birds game. Nash loved everything but mainly just loved the wrapping paper. 
Christmas with my family is always madness! My parents for sure go all out! I'm surprised the kids all sat still long enough for this picture! Gage's favorites here were his skateboard, his drum set, his bumper cars remote control, and his zoo pass! Nash slept in grandmas arms and enjoyed a good morning nap! We all got super spoiled and had a yummy breakfast too! Shirley and Brandon went all out as usual and we hung out there and enjoyed some family time! 
We then headed over Grandpa and Grandma Kurts and had Christmas all over again. Nash was again ready for a nap so he slept through pretty much everything. Oh the crazy life of a 6 month old! We got some awesome stuff, Gage's favorites were... His Ninja turtle hand shooter, his gym pants (really we got excited for them) his connect 4 game, and his trouble game. 
When Nash did wake up he was one happy Christmas baby!

Nash's first Christmas was a huge sleeping success! Gage was so much fun this year and the perfect age! I'm sad they're over but ready for another amazing year with my boys. Time really does go way to fast! I try to do my best at enjoying every moment in the moment but man my boys our growing up. We couldn't be more blessed in this life, we have the best family you could ever ask for! We love you all so much! 


Jessie said...

What fun times you guys have! Loads of presents and lots of family. Perfect! Handsome boys you have!

Shirley said...

How does one get their babies to smile like that? I am so blessed your your beautiful family is part of mine.