Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What's been happening?

Our lives lately have been kinda slow, and no I'm not complaining. I'm thinking this is the calm before the storm and I'm appreciating it all too much. Now slow for us might not be slow for others, we don't have tons of down time but we've had a lot of family time! Here are some photos I've wanted to get blogged for that blog book I'm 3 years behind on. YIKES!

T-Ball has been a lot of fun this season. We've had good coaches and Gage just loves it. We put him in the 5-6 year old team and he still is one of the best. He really gets the grasp of the game and really pays attention to everything. He has struggled with always wanting to get the ball (ball hog) but the last few games he's done better. We even had a night where he gave another little boy on his team the ball after he caught it because he wasn't getting any. Moments like that choke me up and make me one proud mama! We weren't going to sign him up for Summer ball because we thought with a new baby things would be crazy. Gage loves it so much though we decided we'd make it work, gotta love a challenge right! 
We had a playdate with some new friends at this is the place park. Gage had a lot of fun and had no fear with the horses, I love that about him.
I also took the daycare kiddos to the Aquarium with the help of Tyler and Julie. All the kids were way good, it was nice to get out of the house!
Gage's best buddies had their birthday party last month. It was princess themed but that didn't stop Gage from having a blast. He's used to being the only boy and he was quite fond of Belle.
We even squeezed a little last minute Wendover Trip in. It was super random and kinda crazy but we had fun!
I mentioned in an earlier post the firefighter banquet. Here are the pictures from that crazy night!
Tyler's crew and Unified's Secretary that was retiring. He really has the best crew! 

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