Monday, February 25, 2013

San Diego

My mom planned this trip for my Grandpa's Birthday, My parents Anniversary, and my grandparents Anniversary. I decided to tag along because I really wanted to experience this with my grandparents. My Grandpa was in the Navy and stationed in San Diego. San Diego has quite a few museums and old Submarines you can tour (which he was on) so it worked out perfectly. He hadn't been back to SD since 1945 I believe so it was so fun experiencing it with him. He has some pretty awesome stories and I'm pretty proud to have him as my Grandpa. 

We had to wake up extra early to catch our flight. This was the first time I've ever flown with my Grandparents, and their first flight in years! My grandma did great, my grandpa being a pilot did great too. ;) 

Once we arrived in San Diego we checked into our room and my dad and I headed off Whale Watching. We saw two whales from a distance and mostly just their backs. We did see tons of dolphins that would swim right under the boat. It was super cold but still way glad we did it. 
IMG_2075 IMG_20761361137627854 
The good thing about this trip was traveling with a bunch of old farts. haha I kid I kid, but unlike Vegas's 3-4a.m bedtimes, this trips bedtimes were 7:30-8p.m Heaven for this pregnant lady! 

The next morning we had a great breakfast to start the celebration of my parents 35th Anniversary. My grandparents 39th Anniversary and my Grandpas 83rd Birthday, yes this all lands on February 18th! Then we headed off for a day of site seeing. We spent all day doing this and my mom has a lot more pictures. It was actually pretty cool and informative. My grandpa was in heaven and it was cool seeing Submarines that were similar to his. 
We had to drag my Grandpa to the beach, because in his words he had seen his fair share of beaches in his life. I'm glad we got to go though, it was a beautiful day!
Afterwards we headed off to a tour that is a car that does from the road to the ocean. The tour guide was a retired firefighter and he did a great job. 
IMG_2093318159_4478017836340_152791029_n 525493_4478029596634_409842342_n IMG_2095IMG_2096
The next day we spent doing another tour of an old Navy Boat. It took us over 3 hours to tour it all and it was something Im glad I experienced. My grandparents were such troopers the entire trip. All the tours had small openings, ladders, small halls, that we had to move around. They did everything like professionals and never complained once. 
IMG_2098 536966_4478023716487_1626035202_n
The next day we woke up bright and early again to fly home. I was so excited to see my boys!! I think it was a good experience for Gage and Tyler to be without me for a few days. Tyler said he gained a new respect for me which is always a good thing. ;) Tyler did a great job being Mr. Mom. He even made Gage a cute little calendar that he marked off till I got home. I have a lot of great memories now with my grandparents. I know that every day I have with them is a blessing and I love them oh so much! 

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