Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012 *Pictures Galore*

We went out and took some photos of the cute kiddos for Halloween. They're all such good posers and cheese balls, I love it! 

A few weeks ago we did our Breakfast with a witch. This year was extra fun because Vanessa, Brynlee, Grandma, and Krew came along! We had front row seats and the kids really loved it! I love these little traditions of ours. 
Halloween Weekend we had a small get together at the new house. It was fun to finally show our friends the new place and it was perfect friend time. No matter what my friends always support me in anything I do, I'm extremely thankful for that. 
Our costumes were last minute silliness. 
These two won best costumes for sure, too funny!
This year we decided to paint our pumpkins instead of carving, and it was a great choice. We are terrible carvers and Gage was all about the paint! 
IMG_1700IMG_1698 A little flash back of 2010's Halloween Carving. These pictures of little man are some of my favorite! IMG_3470 IMG_3468 IMG_3436 IMG_3435
These two pictures don't have anything to do with Halloween but oh well. He had hat day the other day at school and he just looked so dang cute. We seriously lucked out with this little man, he's as handsome as they come. 
On Halloween Day we had a daycare party which turned out really fun. I love doing it for the kids and this year they actually appreciated it. ;) How lucky is Gage to get to hang out with these cute girls daily!  We had a great idea to be Tink-Peter Pan- Captain Hook. Tyler's costume didn't really work out, he could pass more as puss in boots, haha! Gage loved trick or treating and he loved passing out candy as well. Towards the end of the night we were still getting older trick or treaters. Gage would hide behind the door and jump out and scare them and he actually scared quite a few. I don't think I've seen him be so proud of himself. Moments like that are what make a fun Holiday! 
I hope everyone had a great Halloween, we sure did!

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Shirley said...

Buwahaha KD is looking at your blog with me and she just asked me if Tyler was a Chinese boy! Funny! Loved the pics of gage two years ago!