Monday, September 17, 2012

House Update

(This picture was taken back in April. Thank goodness they kept their yard super nice and it looks amazing right now) Thank you Ivory!~

This baby is ours in about 2-3 weeks! Yes it's almost done people, can you believe it! This process has been draining, oh so draining. I'm such a planner, I plan everything! Since the day we put the offer down on April 18th, I've had planned what colors the bedrooms will be. How we will decorate the family room downstairs. The bar stools we will be getting for our kitchen. The desk we will purchase, the new decorations for Gage's new room. I've been thinking about this house for months, and now we are in the final stages! Short sales suck, they really do! Thank goodness we were in no hurry (well technically no hurry) but they suck. Suck, Suck, Suck! The good news about short sales though, is that we are getting almost double of the house we have now. A 20 year newer house, a beautiful Ivory community, for (drum roll please) $50 more a month. Our interest rate is killer and we are getting our house for an amazing price. Our realtor kept telling us that the market is changing, I didn't believe her because I just thought she wanted her commission. When we first started looking (march) I had maybe 10-15 houses at a time to look at. All finished basements,  and they were similar to this house. Well now I can't find ONE that I even would go look at, not even 1! Everything out there is not finished and not anything compared to this. I know that all this waiting was the right thing to do!

And you want to know another sign that this was all meant to be? Our closing date is October 8th. Yes my birthday! Our realtor thinks we will close before that but still, that would be our last possible closing date. How awesome huh! 
Our appraisal is done, our inspection is done, people are moved out, everything is done on our part, now we just gotta close! 

So after 6 months of waiting we finally made it! Our house is pretty much packed up, just the odds and ends now. I've started cleaning things to get ready to get renters in. Mr. Clean Magic scrubbers have been my best friend! My daycare parents are all ready for the move, and Gage couldn't be more ready. 

Once we get in and settled we will start working on getting renters in our current home. This is a process I'm dreading. I'm trying to not even think about it, but you know me I'm thinking about it! Whatever happens, happens right? 

We are so excited for the next fews months! I'm already planning a Halloween party for the kiddos at the new place, and thinking about the holidays in a new home! 

In the next month we will be owners of two homes, SCARY! 


Shirley said...

Amber, Tyler and Gage- We are so incredibly happy for you all! It is unreal how meant to be all of this is. Your house is beautiful and I can't wait to see inside and help you get settle in..however that may look ... maybe having Gage for a week ha ha! Congrats!

Vanessa said...

WHOOP WHOOP!!! Can't wait to see your house! it looks beutiful!! You guys deserve this!!