Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 1/2 where did my baby go?

Gage will be 3 and a half this month so while I'm thinking about it I wanted to update. Seriously how did this happen? Time goes too fast and I just want him little forever! I've been watching a lot of older videos lately of little man and I'm so happy we documented everything! He was such a happy baby, every video he's smiling from ear to ear. Tyler and I really need to have lots more because dang look how cute he is! Here is a little blast from the past, I know the grandparents will appreciate this.


Loving on the fridge

Being adorable

First Steps, ignore the cheesiness of this one. He walked at 9 months.
And just a few days ago, I wonder where he gets his moves from.
Being Silly and talking about his favorite, Lagoon.
Singing his favorite song while he should be sleeping

I love videos and the blog posts about him growing up, I'm so happy we have them! Gage is an amazing little boy, he brings so much joy to anyone who meets him. He's incredibly smart and he picks up on things really fast. He eats pretty good but he loves to snack. He loves milk, juice, yogurts, cheese,   mac & cheese, spaghetti, fruit, veggies, and candy! Last night he got a bag of frozen vegetables out of the freezer and said that's all he wanted for dinner. He talks so well, we never have problems understanding what he's saying. He's a huge dare devil. He loves pushing the limits and playing rough. That can be a problem with playing with 5 girly girls everyday. He's all boy that's for sure! He gets excited for anything new. You could tell him he's going to he dentist and he will talk about it for days, that's currently what he's doing right now.

 His smile is contagious and he smiles all the time. He now gives "flirty eyes" and he usually does that when he meets someone new. Speaking of new people he has a hard time warming up to them. He has stranger danger for the first little while but will eventually get over it. Right now he's not doing the best at saying hello or goodbye, were working on it. He always gravitates towards older kids.  He loves being outside and he loves playing with daddy. He writes his own name and knows most of the alphabet.  He loves snoop so much, thankfully snoop loves him just as much. He loves Jake and the Neither land Pirates, like loves loves it. He has a huge fear of spiders and bugs, even flies freak him out. He can be so whiny one day and a complete angel the next. He sleeps great, still napping 2 hours a day. I know at this age they usually stop napping, I will keep that nap for as long as possible.

He's 35lbs and 39 inches. He's tall and skinny, which is a change from his baby days. He loves doing crafts, coloring, swimming, story time, and dance time. He still has to do so much his way. For example he hates when we pour the chocolate milk syrup in his cup before the milk. The milk has to go in first then the chocolate, he gets this from his dad! Drives me crazy! He has the craziest imagination and he makes up the funniest games. Our current bedtime routine consists of 2 stories, then we pick a car, which he then tells us isn't fast enough so we have to pick another. He each race to Gage to give him his bedtime kisses and loves. Then we have to tell him how much we love him. Last night he loved me from outer space to the worms in the ground. 

 We love him so much and we are so thankful everyday to have him. I think all of us are ready for another family member. I disagree with the saying "you're never ready for another kid." I feel like everything in our lives is shaping up just perfectly. I don't even remember what it's like to have a newborn. I can't wait to experience everything again, and Gage will be a huge help! 

We love you Gage so much! 


Kim said...

Amber the videos and pictures were GREAT!!! I laughed and cried all at the same time:)He is such a loved and beautiful smart little boy who has grown up so much. I am so glad you have done the videos, just priceless..He is adorable , you two keep up the great work. Cant wait for a new addition to the family!!! Love you all so much:)

Shirley said...

Man I love that little boy and his precise ways soooo much!!!! He is such a ham! I am excited for the newborns in the family too!!!! Wahoooo! Love you guys!