Friday, July 13, 2012

Gage's first fishing trip

We decided last Sunday to take Gage up to Trial lake for a fishing trip, excitement doesn't cover what he was feeling. He couldn't wait to use his pole, see the mountains, & play with rocks! The drive up was really nice and without fail Gage fell asleep within 15 minutes of the ride. Something about the car has always put him to sleep instantly. It was such a perfect day, it was hot but cooler then in the valley. Gage did so good, despite having anxiety attacks about bugs. He hates bugs, and when I say hate I mean really really hates. He has nightmares and can't even handle ants. Poor boy, I take most the blame for that because I have a bug fear too. We had tons of bites and were able to watch fish swim around us by the shore. Gage was the only one to catch a fish (thank goodness) and he thought he was pretty dang cool. He even casted his pole out a ton. When we pulled the fish in he didn't want to get close to it but he was happy to see it survive. I think this is the first of many fishing trips to come! 
We then drove over to Provo River Falls, another favorite of Tyler and I's. Gage loved it and spent some time playing in the water. 

It was a perfect Sunday, just what I needed! 

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Shirley said...

What beautiful pics. Are you a photographer. You have the cutest family. Its kinda ridiculous. Does Tyler workout? HA! I cannot wait to take Gage fishing on the boat. XO