Saturday, September 10, 2011


Last weekend we had a little trip to Vegas. It was originally planned for a friend trip but we changed things up. We asked my amazing parents (who I didn't manage to get one photo of) to come along and watch Gage at night. I never thought they would go for it but they said yes right away! I just love them and again so thankful for all they do for us! I was struggling with the idea of leaving Gage again so soon after sturgis. We left Friday after work and arrived in Vegas around midnight. Gage was pretty good on the ride down thankfully. Saturday we spent the day swimming (all our favorites) at the M&M Factory, Beligio, and MGM. We had a lot of fun doing things again with Gage. Yes we were just there in March but Gage completely forgot everything so it was all new to him! Gage is a pretty good traveler, he gets really excited for things and that makes it real fun. Before dinner we sent him with my parents and we went off to Pf Changs & Revolution Lounge. Saturday night was perfect! We had the best dinner with reservations. We took taxis so no walking! We got right into the nightclub/lounge and we danced the night away. Us 4 love to dance, it's so fun just letting everything go, not caring about anything in the world and just having fun! What a great night!
Sunday morning we woke up and hung out at the pool some more. We went back and took a good nap, a plus with traveling with kiddos. Then Tyler, Gage, and I headed over to the aquarium at Mandalay Bay. Gage loved it and really got into everything. It's so nice seeing your child happy and appreciative. After the aquarium we headed back to the hand over of Gage and went to dinner. We went to dinner at Diablos Cantina and went dancing that night at Rok. It was another good night!
Monday morning we woke up, hit Ihop, and headed home. Gage lost his cool about 2 hours before we hit home. He was so done with being in his carseat and sadly that's all he wanted. It wasn't the most pleasant ride home but oh well. Thanks mom & dad for being the best, we love you. Thanks Alisha & Carlos for being such amazing friends, man we are so lucky!

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Katie said...

You look so hot in these pics! :) I love your green(ish) dress!!!