Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Birthday Week!

As most of you know from Facebook My sweet, amazing, beautiful mother turned 50 last Monday! I love her so very much! I'm so lucky to not only have her as a mother, and role model but also as my best friend! My mom is who I go to with any problem. She always gives me the best advice and leads me in the right direction. We made this video of her life thus far. It's kinda long, but if you have some extra time check it out. It's really a blast from the past, some are pretty funny! We surprised her with it on her birthday.

Some other randoms before I get to more of the Birthday festivities. I finally finished Gage's one year blog book. It should come in the mail today! I'm so happy I finished it, it makes all my blogging worth it! I'm down 9.5lbs, but this week wasn't the best so I might stay the same for tomorrows weigh in. My toe is NOT broken, thank heavens. No more pain, no more cast, that didn't last long though. My camera suddenly stopped working two weeks ago. I still had a warranty to I sent it in and they fixed it, I should be getting it back today as well. Well the really good news from this story is I decided it was time for my upgrade so on Monday I pushed purchase on my newest love the Canon 7d! Big step up for me, merry merry Christmas to me! The best thing is I'm keeping my first camera too so I will always have a backup! Here are some random pictures..We started off the Birthday Fun with dinner on my moms actual birthday at Fridays. Our family is getting way too big, we need to start celebrating with homemade meals.
We then headed back to my house for some cake, and presents.

I think my mom had a great day! On Saturday we all headed over to Wendover to celebrate some more. Thanks Kurt & Julie for watching little man! As you can tell from this next picture the drive over was LONG!

We went and saw the comedian Rodney Carrington! He was hilarious, I highly recommend him to everyone! It was nice to have some adult humor back into my life!

What was the best? Sleeping in the next day till 10:00! I haven't done that in quite some time and it was nice! Even better? coming home to this very sleepy boy, he partied hard at Grandma & Grandpas!

My Dad also celebrated his Birthday on Monday! We celebrated a little for him this weekend as well! Happy Birthday to the best parents ever!! Love you both!

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Katie said...

Amber - what a great video montage for your beautiful Mom! We love her and your family so much, it was fun to see some of those pictures from when we first met you all. We even caught a glimpse of a little Mastin in one of the pictures. Great job, she is lucky to have such beautiful, caring daughters!