Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kimberlee, Brynlee, Krew

I'm one proud auntie and I love my nieces & nephew just like they're my own. I would do anything for them, and in all seriousness they're some of the cutest kids ever!

Kimberlee is in dance and takes after her mom with that! :) I can really see her as a sports girl though and can't wait to go to her games when she gets into them!

I had to steal these pictures off Shirley's Blog. Kimberlee took these of herself. Tyler and I got a huge laugh when we saw these. You can tell that she watches her mom and aunts a lot! She even pulled faces, oh how I love her!

My newest niece is sweet Brynlee. I have so much love for her already and she's not even here yet. Vanessa is due Jan 23rd, we can't wait! We had the first of Vanessa's showers last week. It went perfectly and little B got extra spoiled!
Krew is now 3 months and happy as can be! I don't think I have seen a baby smile more then him. Gage was a big smiler but Krew takes the cake on this one!

Gage is sure lucky to have such awesome cousins!

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Shirley said...

What a beautiful little tribute to your nieces and nephew who love you so so so much! They are so incredibly lucky to have an aunt like you and Vanessa! Thank you.