Thursday, July 1, 2010

What's New?

Well this big guy is learning so much and showing us something new everyday. Here are some fun and not so fun things he's up too.
-He is talking more and more, saying; Grandpa, Grandma, please, thank you, snoop, bubbles, diaper, yo gabba gabba {yes sad I know}, Mylee, shoes, banana, and his favorite word still is uh oh!
-He is so smart it's scary. He now knows how to clean up and he's actually really good at it. When he is done with his drink he will take it into the kitchen and set it on the counter. He knows and remembers where all things go like brooms in the hall closet, and shoes in his drawer. We will say lets change your diaper and he will go into his room and stand by the diaper storage. This doesn't mean he stays still during diaper changes though, he is a challenge to change.

-He climbs on everything, from the kitchen chairs, to the kitchen table, to coffee tables, slides, fences, playhouses, he is a climber big time!

-He has no fear with water and we have to watch him like a hawk cause he will jump into the pool no matter if someone is there or not. He loves the water now as long as it's not freezing.

-When we ask him to give stuffed animals or Snoop loves he will give hugs and kisses. He will not do this though to anybody else, kinda sad!

So there is the fun stuff and here is the hard stuff. He is now in the stage where he gets really frustrated with things. He doesn't know how to share or to play nice. It's hard cause he loves kids and people but just doesn't understand which I know he will soon enough. When he gets frustrated and I take things away that he has taken from other kids he throws temper tamptrums like crazy. Which involves hitting and screaming, it's so much fun! :S Any tips mom or dads on how to get me through this stage? I keep re enforcing the no you have to share and we don't hit but I feel like it's going nowhere. I always redirect him but he is very strong willed and if he wants something he is going to get it. It will be nice when he understands how to share and play and voice his feelings!

Also some wonderful news, we are officially done with the baby gate! Hallelujah I have been waiting for this day for what seems like a century. He can finally go up and down the stairs walking and does great! It makes our life so much easier!

Other news I added a little something something to myself this week! I love it, I've always wanted Gage's name but finally decided to do it!

and thankfully it's pool weather and we took full advantage of that last weekend. We are so happy Summer is here and we plan to do a lot. This weekend should be lots of fun cause we both have it off together! Planning on some water, food, parades, fireworks, and whatever else we can squeeze in.

Sad news as well, my amazing friend Mika's sweet beautiful mother passed away Sunday Night. She battled Breast Cancer for 19 years and fought it hard. Mika has been so strong and so inspirational through this entire thing. Last night I went to the viewing and the amount of people that were there was breathtaking. I can only hope when I pass that I touch as many lives. What a sad time in their lives but Mika knows they will meet again and I think that puts her at ease. Click HERE for her obituary.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

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The Dimond's You Love said...

I LOOOOOVE your tattoo!! So cute. It is perfect size and cute writing and he will feel very special when he's older, at least I hope he does because I know he surely has your heart. =)