Monday, September 28, 2009

50's Weekend

Another busy weekend down, and what a fun one it was. Saturday our amazing friends Alisha and Carlos had a little 50's party. It was so much fun dressing up, and hanging out with everyone. If I had a choice I would dress up in costume every day, I should work at Disneyland or something. Of course us ladies were the "Pink Ladies" and the guys T-birds. Tyler looked quite amazing with his side burns! We even got the cops called on us like old time sake! It was such a blast, thanks A&C for having us over!!
Sunday morning we went on a organized Harley ride. It started at Murray Park and went to Primary Children's Hospital. We all brought toys and donated them to the kids. It was such a different scene then our last Harley ride. No teeny bopper Harley riders here, this was the real deal. This ride was different because a few brave riders would stop intersections to stop traffic, and let us 300+ riders through during red lights. I think my heart skipped a beat every time we would cruise through a red light. When we arrived at Primary I was kinda glad I wore sunglasses because I was a little emotional. I'm so thankful I have a healthy son and I don't have to under go what these kids have. I wish I could help more with things like this, my prayers go out to all of those children at Primarys right now. It was a lot of fun and such a beautiful day to ride! Afterwards we took Gage and Kd to get their Halloween pictures taken. Gage is a skunk this year and lets just say his costume was a pain to get here. Gage of course decided he didn't want to smile for any of the pictures. Once we took him out of the room, huge ear to ear smiles. He is such a little stinker, his costume really does fit him. Non smiling and all the pictures turned out cute, maybe I will get one with my own camera!

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