Sunday, August 30, 2009

When Tylers away the girls (and boy) will play.

This weekend was a busy one, a busy shopping one that is. Whenever Tyler seems to work his shifts I always seem to find myself out shopping. Isn't it weird how that happens, good thing he doesn't mind. haha cough cough. Friday night though we did get to take Gage bowling for the first time. Our good friends had a going away bowling party and we had a blast. Gage was an angel and I think the loud noises at the lanes put him to sleep, I might have to download that on I-tunes. Good Luck Chad with everything!!

Yes he already needs another haircut! Thankfully were going tomorrow to get both ours done.
His hair grows so fast, he must get it from his daddy! I'm not complaining though, I love his hair!
He has been the craziest sleeper lately. This is what I walked into after putting him down for his nap. He is all over the place with sleeping right now. Sometimes he wakes up at night, sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes he naps, sometimes he doesn't. I really wish we could get back into our schedule!
Saturday we went to his doctor apt and he did great. Hes 19.6lbs 85% and 28 inches long 97%. He such a big boy the doctor even called him chunky, haha. He said everything was perfect and could obvisiously tell Gage was happy and loved. Gage constantly smiled at him and the nurse. Even after she gave him his 5 shots. What can I say I have a ladies man already!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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Emily said...

Darling pictures!! I love big healthy boys! Krew was always in the 80-90 percentile (and still is).
Good luck with the sleeping... I'm still struggling with Sway. We've never been on a good schedule and I hate it. Hopefully both our boys will figure it out soon!