Sunday, August 23, 2009

6 months!

These past 6 months have flew by! It feels like just yesterday I was pregnant, or giving birth to him at the hospital. I can't imagine our life without this little guy in it. He instantly fixes any problem, and always makes my heart skip a beat. Its so weird how you can love someone so much, I would do anything for him. I still look at him whens he sleeping and get teary eyed. When he smiles at me or cuddles with me I feel so proud and amazed. He really is the light of our lives, Love you Gage!

At 6 months.....
-He's 19lbs (from our scale) 27 3/4 inches. Such a big boy!
-He's sitting unassisted for long periods of time, he rarely falls over. He loves sitting too.
-He's finally unswaddled at night, woohoo. He sleeps on his tummy now which is crazy cause he has always hated it. He sadly though is waking up about once a night to eat again. Hopefully this changes soon!
-Hes a rolling machine, but still hates rolling from belly to back. He has only done it maybe once.
-He babbles a lot and screams to get our attention.
-He's wearing 6-12 clothes now, I almost cry every time I clean out his closet.
-He loves to be read too, and loves music.
-He loves solids, I think we will start fruit this week and maybe #2 foods.
-He still naps like a champ, I think even better now unswaddled.
-He likes walks, toys, and standing.
-He loves to pull hair and earrings.
-He's very attentive, and still a smiling maniac.
-If he wants something you will know, hes very vocal when it comes to food and naps! :)
-He's amazing!


Emily said...

I LOVE these pictures!!! My goodness he's such a cutie!

Brittany Helquist said...

He is just getting cuter and cuter!

Kimberlee Dawn said...

I love his smile! What a babe! Enjoy every minute.