Sunday, August 23, 2009

Harley Ride & Toby

Man I love me some Toby, he is such a great preformer and puts on a fun concert. Tyler knows I love Toby so for Mothers Day he bought us tickets. Tyler isnt a Toby fan but he still decided to go with me. Shirley & Brandon wanted to go to and we always talked about dragging Brandon and Tyler so it all worked out fantastically. A few days before the concert we found out that Julie, Kurt and friends were going too! We all decided to do the Harley ride to the concert, which included a police escort and vip parking. I've only been on two Harley rides now but Im in love. I love the feeling of freedom, and its actually so relaxing. I have so much more appreciation for our purchase. When we pulled into the Harley store I was in shock, there was 1200 Harleys it was so cool! Driving to Usana with the Police escort was a lot of fun too. VIP parking was the best, It took us 1 minute to get out of the parking lot, vs hours with normal parking. Toby was a blast, and I secretly think Tyler and Brandon really enjoyed it. Trace Adkins opened up for him and hes also a great preformer. Such a fun night with family and friends!

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Kimberlee Dawn said...

Wasn't that just the best night ever! We had so so much fun! How do you like me now! Xoxo