Monday, July 27, 2009

24th/Birthday Weekend

This weekend was actually pretty relaxing, just what we needed. Tyler had to work at the station Friday and Saturday so I spent some time hanging out with Friends & Family. Thursday though we had family night at the Bees Game. Tyler, Gage and I decided to go and it was such a blast. Gage was amazing, he was the cutest thing ever and the highlight of our section. He was smiling at everyone and being a huge ham! He watched the game and people like a champ and even loved the fireworks this time. Tyler and I really enjoyed each other and our night out with our baby! Friday morning Gage and I had some much needed Cuddle time and then headed off to Dads work. Gage was so funny while we were there he smiled the entire time at everything. He loved the trucks and ambulance. I can't wait to take him whens hes older.

This picture is so cute, I wish it wasn't so dark!

Friday night Gage and I went to dinner with Alisha and Erin. Red Robin is one of my favorites, yum I love it! We then went over to Alishas to hang out with a few friends, it was so relaxing!

Saturday we hung out with Grandma & Grandpa for awhile and had some fun photo shoots! haha Gotta love Snoopy and Kimberlee!
Sunday morning was Tyler's 23rd b-day. He came home from the station to biscuits and gravy and cookies, Yum! We spent the day at Lagoon and then came home to relax. Gage did really well with Lagoon, he even rode the horse on the carousel! Kimberlee was the highlight at Lagoon though, she is fearless. She rides everything and loves it. I wish I would have taken more pictures but I was in ride mode. Lets just say I was soaked from all the water rides, those are my favorite. Thanks mom and dad for watching Gage while we did everything. It was a blast!
Love You Tyler, I hope you had a fantastic 23rd!!

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