Saturday, June 20, 2009

Were in Vegas Baby!

What a fun, crazy, relaxing, entertaining, not long enough, trip. 4 days in Vegas you would think would be enough but it wasn't, I already want to go back. Thankfully coming back was great because we got to be reunited with our little chunky monkey. He got extra spoiled with grandma & grandpa & his aunties! Thanks to you all for watching our little one, we sure did miss him! It was so nice to get away from the world, and have some much needed fun with friends. Our friends are the best and so easy to travel with. We found this out with Yellowstone and have decided they are our official travel buddies.
We started day one with the plane ride, that was extra bumpy! We checked into Excalibur. We spent that night eating at Diablos and gambling and walking the strip. It was the perfect kick off to our trip.
Day 2 we spent a good amount of time at the pool. We layed out/swam/layed out/swam. I could have spent all day there and Excalibur's pool is really nice as well. We went to Rainforest Cafe that night then to Zumanity. Wow was that show amazing! I loved it, and thankfully it was good because the last two shows we have seen in Vegas weren't the best. I would recommend Zumanity to everyone but it is very provocative but its Vegas right?
Day 3 we spent most of our time at the pool as well. We gambled a lot, we all were obsessed with rapid roulette! We went out that night to Planet Hollywood then to studio 54. It was so fun dancing with everyone and not having a care in the world.
Vacations always take too long to come and then fly by. I'm sad to see it go but so excited for future trips!


Kimberlee Dawn said...

Your little boy is adorable. I can't wait for you guys to go on vacation again too!!! hee hee hee!

Emily said...

What a fun trip! It's so nice to get away