Friday, July 1, 2016

Sawyer's Arrival!

I'm pretty proud I'm getting to this before I forget any details. We're home from the hospital and we're so in love with our newest addition. 
On Monday June 27th I had a doctors appointment. At the appointment Sawyer and I were doing great. I had made some progress and was now 2cm and 80%. My doctor mentioned getting induced again while she was in town but we declined and set a date for Friday July 1st with another doctor. We left the appointment feeling super bummed that we wouldn't be delivering with my doctor. I was also bummed because I just didn't feel like I was going to go into labor within those 4 days. This was the day before my due date and I didn't want to go over my due date by too much. That day I was out of whack. I cried a lot, I threw up a few times, I just wasn't myself. I knew I needed to get out of the house so after work we took the boys to IFA to pick up some stuff. On the ride there I had my first contraction of the pregnancy. On the way home I had another one. I got pretty excited because up until now we had no signs of progression. We even drove around Riverton hospital that night to figure out where we would park and go in for our induction. When we got home we decided to go on a little walk. During the walk I had another contraction. After the walk I showered and everything stopped for a few hours. Around 11pm Tyler and I went to bed but soon after I started having them more frequently. I started switching positions to see if they'd stop but they kept coming pretty consistently. 

Around midnight they still weren't stopping so I decided Id get up and see if I could get things moving. I walked around the front room, bounced on the ball and they just kept coming. I started timing them and they were coming 8-10 min apart. Around 2am they started picking up and were coming 4-5 minutes apart and they were getting intense. I could still talk and walk through them. I kinda had a feeling something was up so I told Tyler to be prepared to leave. At 3:30 they were 3-4 minutes apart and finally pretty painful. I had to stop and breathe through each one. I called my parents and they were there in an instant. We packed up and left the boys with my Dad and my mom followed us to the hospital. On the way to the hospital they were 2-3 min apart and super painful. I was getting scared I had waited too long to get there. They checked us into triage and checked me and I was only a 3 which was pretty discouraging. Within that first hour I moved to a 4 without any walking and when I walked to our room I was already a 5. Once we were in our room we met our nurse Denise who I really liked. She was so helpful but not pushy. She was amazing! I had strep b so they came in to start the IV for the antibiotics. They had to try 5 times to get the i.v. During this I was having contractions 3 minutes apart. So they would stick me and pull it out, then Id contraction for a minute. repeat, repeat, it was lovely. :(

After they finally got my IV in they started the meds. I told them I was ready for my Epidural right away and the Doctor came in for that. He was super fast and really good, no problems this go around. After my epidural was in things were going along perfectly! I love birthing with the epidural and I give major props to those who don't. I know I was hating life during those contractions and loved having some relief.  Since the epidural was in we also started a low dose of pitocin to get the ball rolling faster. 

In comes Kathy our doctor and we get the news that she will be delivering us on our due date! I think it was pretty amazing how everything just worked out for us. Kathy went to break my water and surprise it was broken and I had no idea. Thats when we found out we had a meconium situation. I was pretty worried at first but both our Doctor and the Nurse assured us it was ok. They would just have a few more people in the room for delivery. Sawyer would have to be checked right away to make sure nothing got into her lungs. At this point I was a 7 and progressing nicely. My grandparents came and I tried to snooze a little cause we both had no sleep that night. About this point the nurse noticed that Sawyers heart rate would stop every time I would have a contraction. She mentioned to me that she was pretty sure the cord was wrapped around her neck. It wasn't a huge concern but it would explain the dropping heart rate and the meconium. Again I was pretty worried and super thankful I had our doctor there! The epidural was slacking a little so I could still move my legs completely and feel some pressure during contractions. At 10am I mentioned to my nurse that I felt like my cath was coming out and she said well I'm pretty sure that means you're ready to push. She checked me and I was fully dilated ready to go. She called Kathy and she was on her way over.

I had a little panic attack at this point. I think it just all hit me that I was having a baby and things were just moving along so fast! Thankfully my mom and Tyler talked me down and I felt ready to go. 
Kathy arrived along with the peds team. We said goodbye to my grandparents and got ready for action. I think I pushed for 10 minutes and she was out. My epidural was pretty worn off so I felt a lot but no pain. I could feel her head come out and her shoulders. At one point Kathy had me stop pushing and she pretty much came out herself. Once she was out it was instant relief and instant tears, I can't believe I just birthed my last baby! She was covered in meconium, it was pretty sad. She was silent so they rushed her over to get worked on. Tyler took her side and I had to sit back and watch. She was silent for so long that It was making me panic. Finally she let out a scream and my mama heart just relaxed. It was pretty hard not getting her right away after delivering but with the amount of meconium she had I was thankful she had a great team working on her.  Her cord was wrapped around her neck but thankfully it caused no concern. She was also sunny side up so Kathy turned her before I pushed her out. Within those 20 minutes a lot could've gone wrong but thankfully Kathy is amazing and all was well. 

Once they placed her on my chest it was instant tears. She was perfect! She didn't make a peep, just looked up at us and stared. She had the cutest rolls and sweetest eyes Id ever seen. My daughter was finally here and that feeling will never be replaced. She latched on for nursing right away and didn't want to stop. My dad then arrived with the boys and that meeting was extra special! The boys were so cute and they each ran up to her. Nash yelling I want to hold her, let me see, let me see!! Gage instantly held her and I could tell right away I'd be fighting him for some Sawyer time. :)
Nash has been so good with her which is a huge surprise. He's constantly talking to her and telling her she's cute. Since we've been home he keeps saying, "Sawyer is home, baby is home!" They make me proud with the love they have shown! 
She was 7lbs 12 oz. 20 inches. Born at 10:33a.m. June 28th.

Once into our room we had a few good hours just the 3 of us. It was so nice having that time and gawking over her. Once the visitors started arriving we loved showing her off! She's seriously the sweetest! 
Her first bath was just a wipe down but she needed it. Poor girl started her life with poop in her hair.
Our amazing doctor who delivered all 3 of our beautiful children. 
She's already in love with big brother. She's also pretty alert but happy alert. Those eyes just pull you in right? 
We had to stay in the hospital for 48 hours because of Strep B and the meconium. By the last morning we were ready to bust out. We had a great stay though and really enjoyed Riverton Hospital. We had great nurses and great care but you just don't sleep in hospitals. She's super healthy and passed all her tests. No jaundice unlike the boys and she passed the hearing tests too. She's got great skin and great color. Her hair is a lighter brown and its super cute. She's got the sweetest lips and she pulls the bottom lip under all the time. Of course her brothers have lashes for days and she has maybe 5, thats the way this world works right? I think she will lose her hair and be a blondie which I'm totally ok with. Her cheeks are amazing and I kiss them 20 times a day. 

I'm recovering this time the best yet! I think since she was my smallest baby might've helped that. I'm feeling so blessed but also a little sad that this is our last. I need to push those thoughts aside and just love on my baby girl! She will be a sassy teenager before we know it! 

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