Friday, February 8, 2013

20 weeks! Half way done!

We made it! 20 weeks/5 months pregnant and little man is doing awesome! Seems like just yesterday I took that pregnancy test alone in our bathroom, put Gage in his big brother shirt and waited for Tyler to get home! I'm so blessed to be able to have kids and be happy & healthy during it. We had our big appointment on Monday and it was perfect! We got home from Vegas late the night before so we were a little tired. My amazing mom watched daycare while we went. We did our Ultrasound first and the lady was awesome! She was way nice and described everything while she was documenting. We got tons of pictures and a dvd. Right when she put the wand on my belly all we saw was boy parts. ;) little man is not a shy one at all! He showed us everything we needed and everything looked perfect! Heartbeat was 150, no Placenta Previa this go around as well! We walked back to our doctors office and waited no longer than 1 minute and went back. Kathy was in right away and spent a good amount of time with us. Have I mentioned how much I love our doctor because I do, she rocks! We talked about the baby, how good things look, my spray tan ;) Our next appointment is March 7th, seems so far away! 

How far along? 20 weeks!
Baby's size? a Banana!
Total weight gain:  up 13lbs, Wowza I gained 6lbs since last visit! Lets hope I keep the weight gain around 30lbs. 
Maternity clothes? All Pants
Sleep: Still really good, even with this cold I have. 
Best moment(s) this past week: The Ultrasound/appointment, Vegas, buying the crib, and feeling great movement!
Miss Anything?  Nope
Movement: Yes, at night when I'm in bed he moves the most. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Steak
Cravings: Nothing New.
Labor Signs: Nope
Gender: All Boy!
Symptoms:  Nothing really this week, it's been a great week besides having a cold. 
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, Excited, Blessed, Thankful. 
Looking forward to: Starting the Nursery, Gage's Birthday, Valentines & San Diego!

Crazy to think I thought I was big at 10 weeks!  
And here is our little photogenic boy! 


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