Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving/Christmas & This & That

A week or so ago we went to disney on ice with the Fred's. The kids were super excited to ride the train they did pretty good on it too. Its nice living 2 mins from a trax station!
The show was really cute and the kids never took their eyes off of it. Gage has always loved stuff like this, he got so excited when Buzz came on. Grandma & Grandpa D already have tickets purchased for Disney on Ice in March. Spoiled Kiddos!
The ride back home the kiddos were on some sugar/disney high. No Gage was not asleep this was him pretending. 
We went and checked out scheels, the new sporting goods store in Draper. It was ok, I don't think I'd ever go there again but it was fun checking it out. 
Thanksgiving this year was kinda a bummer because Tyler had to work. We slept in, stayed in our pajamas till noon and watched the parade. My parents had the house set up really cute and of course the food was amazing. The kids even ate pretty good which was a shocker! I may or may not have starved Gage all morning so he would eat. ;) We had quite a few laughs during and after dinner, which is always to be expected with our family. It was carefree, relaxed, and one of my favorite Thanksgivings for sure. Around 5p.m. we started packing up to head to Grandpa Seans for pie. As I was backing out of the driveway I backed into Shirley & Brandon's car. It sucked! I cried like a baby, and it kinda put a big damper on our good moods. I'm thankful for car insurance and understanding family. It wouldn't be the Holidays without a car accident right? 
After my meltdown we went to visit Tyler at the station. 5 minutes after we got there he got a call and had to leave. We hung out with the wives and families for awhile but ended up leaving to do some black friday shopping. It was a good Thanksgiving, crazy to think our next we will have a new addition. 
Gage took this picture of us the other night before our double date night. PF Changs and Alisha & Carlos made this pregnant chick one happy lady!!
We spent Sunday Celebrating Thanksgiving with Grandma & Grandpa C. Gage was all about football this day, it was hilarious. He would scream at the screen and jump up and down. We all got a great laugh over it. Here he is enjoying the show with his great grandpa. 
Yummy food and great company, it was a perfect night!!
Our elf Chewy made his grand entrance over the weekend too. Gage wrote him a letter saturday night, and Chewy surprised him with a note back. He also brought him new "good" pajamas that Gage hasn't taken off.  Gage gets so excited every morning to find Chewy and Tyler and I love it too. For sure my favorite Christmas Tradition, we love Chewy!!
We set up all our Christmas stuff the day after Thanksgiving, Gage was all about it! 
We are so excited for this time of year. Having kids makes everything so perfect, I love it!

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