Thursday, August 23, 2012

The great adventures of Pre-School

I feel like we've been waiting for this day forever! Well technically we have since we had to register him last winter! I knew Gage needed to get out of the house and have some fun without mom and I'm so thankful we signed him up. He absolutely loves it, I don't think he's ever been this happy for something! He is for sure a child that thrives on structure. He loved T-ball and listened so well and he loves the schedule of preschool. This morning was his 3rd day and I did shed a few tears, maybe because Tyler wasn't here to send him off with me. It's so weird not having him here for those hours and the house is so quiet! We worked out a pretty great system with our friends to carpool so we only take 2-3 times a week. 

The night before school started we finished up his homework, which he was super excited about. He's a pro at writing his name now. We had already met Mrs. Brown and had our orientation. 

Gage already wakes up around 7 so no need to wake him up every morning. I printed out this little routine to get him excited in the mornings, and to get him to do things he might not want to do. He is OBSESSED with this routine sheet. In the morning he carries it around and makes sure he gets everything done. Good idea on my part because mornings have been easy! 

We of course had to do the first day of school picture. I again tried to be crafty (see I wasn't kidding, I'm terrible) and tried to make this chalkboard. I bought the frame, the grey chalkboard paint, but didn't buy a backing for the chalkboard paint. So I used an old piece of poster board and it bubbled like crazy!! I didn't have enough time to remake it so it had to do. I will be trying again this weekend, this time buying a piece of wood, no paper. :)

Anyways he is seriously the most handsome boy I've ever seen. Tyler and I did good!!

Funny story about the wanting to be a firefighter thing. Well he has never said that he's wanted to be a firefighter. Of course Tyler has put those thoughts into his mind but he wasn't having it. He's always wanted to be a police officer, which I disapprove of anyways. ;) 3 of my daycare parents are police officers so he sees their cars and uniforms all the time. He thinks they're pretty dang cool. Well turns out all the brainwashing Tyler was doing worked out. The morning I was writing this I asked, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Just about ready to write police officer he said firefighter. I had to ask him 3 times and that's all he said, so there you go. That day is was firefighter, dad was proud!

These two darling girls are his daycare buddies that are in the same class!

2nd day of school, and his Jake Backpack! 

He brought this home yesterday, cutest thing ever! His first school picture, he keeps telling me that Garrett is his best friend! Doesn't his smile just warm your heart, so grown up. 

It's only day 3 and he has brought home so much stuff. Our fridge looks like a paper store! I'm for sure going to take pictures of all his artwork and make a book, I love this part of being a mom! 

So there you have it, Gage's first week of pre-school! He makes us so proud!


Vanessa said...

he really is the most handsome little boy ever! love him sooo much!

Lacie @thedanielsons said...

As much as I want hudson to just stop growing and be my non-mobile baby again. Things like this just make me so excited for when he is officially a "big boy". I love the toddler stage. when they are so excited about everything, and so excited to learn new things. He is so darn cute!

Shirley said...

You make me want to be a better everything! Thanks. Love Gage to pieces and I am so so so proud of him!