Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh should I post this?

You know those moments when you're not sure if you should talk about something because you don't want to jinx it? Well this is a big one, but I'm hoping it falls in the opposite direction. I'm hoping with all your fingers crossed this will be a happy ending. Right now we have an offer on an amazing short sale home. First offer to be exact and as of this week it's now a past bankruptcy home. Now with short sale/bankruptcy homes the process can be long. It can take months but in our case we have months. We were told that being in the first spot is so so great. Also now that it's a bankruptcy home things are even better. Our realtor even mentioned that she's comfortable not showing us (unless we wanted to of course) anymore homes. She thinks we are sitting pretty with this one. Anyways we are hopeful but we know so many things can happen. I can't hold in my excitement anymore, I love this house more everyday! It's in a beautiful ivory home community in West Jordan. About 2600 sf, TWO FULL KITCHENS, finished basement, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 family rooms,2 laundry rooms, great size not too big yard, corner lot, swimming pool access, and it's a 2007. Gage would be in a great school, and the best news....
All my daycare parents said they would transfer over with me with the move. Wow how blessed can we get? This is our year, I feel amazing things happening for us. We've worked hard and saved like no other, it's our time. We will be renting out our home now, in the hopes of the market changing. Thank goodness we were able to get approved for two mortgages in these crazy times. I need your mojo everyone!I hate posting this knowing we could not get it but I'm hopeful! I wanted to share this crazy time in our lives and I also wanted to document it for our blog book. Holding this in has been killing me! Now the fun part, pictures!

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I'm Simply Momma said...

That is so exciting! I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck!!

Shirley said...

Amber my fingers are crossed so tightly! I love the house it is so BEAUTIFUL and you guys deserve only the very best!