Monday, March 5, 2012

The good and the bad

I don't talk a lot about the crazy moments of having a toddler. Even though when these things happen I'm in tears, maybe one day I'll look back and laugh. [probably not]

Our latest and greatest...
Friday night it was just Gage and I, Tyler was at the fire station. I had planned to have a lazy night at home but at the last minute I decided to take Gage to the Lorax. Mistake #1, Friday night/Opening night of a big movie. Gage has been to a few movies already and has loved them! He's never had any problems and has done well.
We get to the movies and it's packed! We get him some popcorn, drink, and go take our seats. Every seat in the theater is full! Gage keeps asking me when we are going to laugh with everyone, so I think things are going to go well.
The movie starts, his popcorn is already gone, he's antsy and is talking really loud. The movie is ok, not that funny, slow, and Gage isn't interested. He watches 1/2 of it then gets super antsy. He's standing up, He's sitting on my lap, He's asking when he will laugh, He's spilling his drink, Lovely right? About 3/4 way through the movie he started screaming I want to go home! I first tried to explain to him we needed to wait till it was over but he screamed again. I hurried and put his coat on and we started walking down the stairs. I went to pick him up and he screamed put me down put me down, all during the quite time of the show. I put him down and we walked out of the show. On the way to the car he was fine, he kept saying I didn't like that show. I cried the entire way home feeling like the worst parent ever! Why did all the other kids in the theater behave? What were their parents doing that I wasn't?

I spent that night on the computer reading tons of sites on tantrums and toddlers. Reading other mothers stories made me feel so much better and I even laughed a few times. I've decided I'm one of those moms that when my child has a fit in public I do anything to shush them up. Obviously in this situation I had to get him out of the quiet theater but I need to work on this. The toddler years have been crazy, they're so fun but can go from good to bad in seconds! No kids perfect, hopefully other moms will read this and get a chuckle!

We love you Gage, through the good and the bad!

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Shirley said...

The only thing you did wrong here was cry on the way home! None of that! No tears to be shed thinking you are a bad mother! Never! You are a fantastic mother and every child is so different. There are so many things that could have played a role in Gage's behavior that night but you being a bad mom was not one of them. Kids all have their corks and dealing with them is not easy. Kimberlee is always so good one on one. She is a fantastic kid....but give her an audience and all hell breaks lose! When you find any tantrum controlling answers let me know.....have you met my son? Oh boy!