Sunday, March 27, 2011

Home upgrade

I have the hardest time doing things to our house knowing we don't plan on being here much longer. We are saving up a lot in the hopes that we will be out by summer/fall next year! We for sure will have to be out before we have more kids but that will not be for another 1+years. Well I'm starting to do little things that will make our house more saleable (yes I made up that word). We painted our downstairs hall, still have to paint a few parts. Kitchen cabinets, baseboards, railings, ect. My goal is to do something, even if it's small to help our house every month. This month we did something a little bigger.


After....I guess this helps cause it makes things look better. I love the way it brings in the light from the bay windows! We still have an ottoman coming, and our big rug. I love it so much this way though that I might have a hard time putting those down. The day after we got the new couches we sold our old ones for more then we thought we could, double plus! These were a little present from uncle SAM, a Caribbean cruise next year will be present number 2!

My goals for the month of April?

Finish downstairs paint! Seriously will this job ever end!!

Shop for daycare grant stuff, FUN!

Yard work, yes it's spring time, woohoo!

Upgrade front room wall decorations.

Clean Blinds.

Clean Windows Outside.

My personal goal, get back on track with diet and exercise. Seriously I've been in a huge rut for the past month. I would get to the gym one day then not go for 4-5! I've gained 5lbs back and 5lbs on me shows!! Seriously why do I do this to myself. I work so hard to lose then gain it back in crappy eating! This cycle has got to change. I'm running a 5k April 30th,& May 7th so this will be motivation. Plus our big dirty girl race is in July, I'm so excited for this! Hope everyone has a good week!

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We Rock Well said...

I love the upgrade! I hope to live in an actual house one day... but it's apartment living for us for a while longer. I'll live through you! :)