Monday, February 28, 2011

Gage's Pirate Party

Well it's over and I feel like I can finally relax! The party turned out really well, he had a great turn out and seemed to have a lot of fun! He was super shy at first and wouldn't let anyone put him down but once more kids arrived he warmed up! Thanks Everyone who came, I know how busy life can be! We really appreciate it!
His first reaction walking in, he just gave everything the blank stare, haha!
When we sang Happy Birthday to him he sang along with us with a smile on his face! He loved blowing out the candle, it was so cute! The Pinata was a lot of fun! Note to self though don't fill a pinata with hard candies, they break with impact! :)Gage loves opening presents, so much that once he opens one he grabs for the next! I was exhausted afterwards trying to keep up with him. He got super spoiled, thanks again everyone!
Right after the party my sisters convinced us to go to Wendover with them. My mom & dad had offered to watch all 4 kiddies while we went, they're crazy! So off we went, we didn't do too well but we had fun! I'm so lucky to have these two, words can't express the friendship we have! And yes another bowling trip was made yesterday, I think we should join a team!


Casey :) said...

what a cool party!

Emily said...

you did an AMAZING job! what a FUN party!! i can't believe he's TWO! i swear you and tyler just got married :) his 2 year-old pics are just the cutest ever!