Tuesday, October 5, 2010

30 days of Failure!

These last two weeks I have done about 10 sessions, including a wedding, and Halloween sessions! To top that off daycare is my time during the day, and when I do have time to myself it's spent with the Fam! So the 30 days of fun was fun but now I'm done and behind by a ton! Some good did come out of it though, I gave Tyler back rubs more. I deep cleaned my kitchen, I did one page of my blog book, (need to get going now) and I did something nice for someone I didn't know. I hate hate hate solicitors! So when the cute little elementary girls showed up at my door selling cookie dough I decided to be nice and buy some. Who cares if they didn't know the price, who to make a check out too, when I would get it, what school it went too, yeah good think I'm a nice person! Seriously parents don't send your children door to door, they don't know me I could have easily kidnapped them and you would never see them again! Ok Rant over!
I leave you with my adorable little spike! This is how Tyler does his hair now and I just love it! Daddy/Son lookalikes! He loves the Halloween Decorations so much that he has to say Goodnight to all of them each night and nap! We have names for them and he constantly is looking at them! I love it!

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Vanessa said...

i want to kidnap your son.. he is soooo dang cute