Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 6

My favorite superhero? Well honestly I don't like superheros I think they're silly. Spiderman is my absolute worst I mean seriously could he be any more weird. I thought a lot about this and I really just don't have a favorite. Never liked comic books, superhero movies, shows, Wait, I did watch Superman when Dean Kain was Superman cause I thought he was hot. That's beside the fact though, but remember that Amanda, haha! Anyways If I had to choose my favorite superhero it would be.....Dun Dun Dun.My sweet Family. They've always saved me from any sticky situation and they're my true hero's! No web shooting, wall jumping, spider creature, I really don't like spiderman can ya tell! I love my family more then I could ever say! Speaking of, wish us luck tomorrow at Gage's Dentist Appointment, I'm starting to get really nervous and sad!


Matt and Amanda said...

MMMM.. We loved Dean didn't we! I definitely have to say he's a good "superhero" choice :).

Shirley said...

Hmmmm u haven't seen me throw webs? Oh I do !

Kim said...

Oh how sweet I Like!!!