Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's new?

Life is getting busy and I'm loving it! A little update...
Is everywhere and into everything. Seriously though he is my little tazmanian devil. He is way too smart for his own good, and he knows exactly what is wrong and right. The problem is he just doesn't care what's wrong and right. When we tell him no he smiles and runs to it. He tests us 24/7. He really keeps us on our toes and watching him constantly.
He is only taking two bottles a day, one in the morning and one in the night. My plan is to drop the morning one in the next two weeks and then the night one after. He is doing great without them, which is really nice.
He says uh oh all the time, he will say whoa, what's that, too.

He is going to love spring and summer, he throws the biggest temper tamptrums when we have to come inside.
He is hilarious and we are constantly laughing at the things he does.
Tyler is done with school and back to normal work. It's nice having him back home more, we missed him!
As for me things are crazy! The photography thing has started off with a bang and more and more people are wanting me to shoot them. I'm looking into getting another business license soon and officially starting off Amber Lintz Photography! Wow, owning two businesses kinda makes me proud! Every session I have done so far I have walked away knowing exactly what I should have done differently and what i will do next time. I walk away with great pictures but I want to walk away with pictures that are perfect! I know everyone has different taste and I won't please everyone but hopefully most. I want my style to be crisp and clean, colorful and fun. I don't want my pictures to ever be over edited (I hate this) and fake. Sometimes I look at my pictures and think I have edited too much, hopefully I get better at this and trust my instincts! I have 10 sessions booked in the next 4 weeks and I'm so excited about them. It just goes to show if you want something bad enough it can happen!
The bad news though, since I have been completely busy with mommy hood, full time job, wifey land, and domestic housewife extraordinaire I have fell off the weight watchers wagon. I haven't been to the gym since Vegas and I'm really feeling it. Life is busy but I need to put that to do at the top of my list instead of the bottom.
Well that's about it, were enjoying life and enjoying each other! Couldn't get much better then this!
His big boy cup!


Katie said...

Woohoo! That's SO awesome that you've found something you love AND that you're good (GREAT) at.

I'm totally with you about the over-editing... I'm much more about the crisp, clean look. You should definitely be proud of yourself!!

The Dimond's You Love said...

I'm sure your pictures will be fine. The lady that has taken all of our family pictures just keeps copies exactly as they were from the photoshoot then edits copies and enhances colors, etc. and lets us see the difference. I'm sure if there were any issue someone would say so! I'm proud of you, that is so awesome to have your own photography company, I'm jealous I didn't keep up with that ambition I really wanted to do that too. Anyway keep up the good work, you look great and vegas was like what, a week ago? you will be fine.