Monday, March 1, 2010

12 months!

It makes me sad that this will be my last post like this for a little bit. This last few weeks have been so eventful we are finally getting back to reality and our less crazy life! Gage is our world, but you already knew that!
At 12 months he is....
-24lbs and 31inches long, in the 75-90% for everything. He is a big boy but that's nothing new.

-No more formula for us, it's so nice not spending all that money a month. He loves milk too, which is great!

-Still taking 3-4 bottles a day, he likes the sippy but still loves his bottle.

-He is a great eater and eats pretty much everything we eat. He loves fruit, he will eat fruit all day if we let him. He also likes pasta, meats, bread, green beans, peas, cheese, sweets, oh who am I kidding he loves it all!

-He is a trouble maker for sure, he is into everything and is too smart. He throws temper tamptrums and if he doesn't get his way it gets ugly. We are starting to work with him with "no" and right and wrong. Wish us luck cause he is everywhere!

-He still only says mama and dada, I swear he says snoop sometimes but who knows.

-He runs everywhere, that is why he always has bumps and bruises. I constantly tell him to slow down but that doesn't work so well.

-The pedi told us Friday that he is cutting his molars. His two side bottom teeth are almost all the way through too. Poor guy, he hates teeth and that makes a total of 8 teeth.

-He has no stranger danger, he loves people and loves smiling.

-Pedi says he is doing perfect and right on track! :)

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