Monday, December 28, 2009

My New Years Resolutions

My 2010 resolutions shall be....

-Lose weight but do it without weighing myself everyday. I get too crazy about the scale and get a little wacko.
-Run a few 5k's. I want to run them all with Tyler and some with Gage. A 10k is my ultimate goal but I'll start there.
-Study study,study photography, know every in and out of my camera. Start taking free portraits by spring/summer.
-Be the best dang mother and wife I can be.
-Get serious with crafting.
-Learn to like cooking.
-Save, Save, Save for a bigger house.
Cheers to a New Year!!!

And just because I'm officially obsessed, some new photos. I'm still so lost but loving it. I hear the best thing to do is just shoot shoot shoot so that's what I'm doing. I would love any pointers as well.
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Britnie said...

I think I need to make a list like this! I'm really loving all the pictures you're taking so far with your new camera!! It doesn't hurt that the focus of the pictures is such a cute little guy!!

vanessa said...

he's so handsome!! i love my little man =)

Emily said...

LOVE the pics with the new camera! Someday I would like to get a nice one like that. My new year's list is going to look a lot like yours... always trying to do better :)

Kimberlee Dawn said...

Your model is adorable! I hope you pay him well!