Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last week

Last week was a fun one! On Wednesday the girls and I went to a little country concert. It was 3 not to popular acts but we still had a blast. It was at the Delta Center and we had front row seats on the side, the best seats in the house if you ask me. We had so much fun being crazy fan girls, and screaming our lungs off! It's crazy that I have been friends with these girls since high school and I still consider them my best friends!!

Saturday morning my parents took Gage and Kimberlee to the Elmo Live Show. They bought the tickets a few months ago and ended up getting front row seats. Gage was so excited can ya tell!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Gage ended up falling asleep during the first half, only our child would do that I swear. He was awake and so excited for the second half. Thanks mom & dad, you are the best!

Saturday Tyler decided to surprise me with a babysitter and a night in Park City. Shirley & Brandon, thanks so much for watching the little guy, glad he was good! We had such a nice relaxing night. We went to dinner at Squatters and spent the rest of the night watching movies and spending some much needed time together! We woke up to this....

and what did we decide we should do.... hot tub. We put on our suits and head for the outdoor hot tub and it was sadly closed, we were kinda bummed but oh well.
It was absolutely beautiful everywhere and the snow just kept on falling. We packed up and decided to start heading home and went out to our car to see this....
We had to laugh and thankfully the car made it out of the snow easily! I have such an amazing husband I sure do love him!!

Gage is a walking maniac, that is all he wants to do and he is getting to be a pro. He takes off from anything and walks 99% of the day, crawling is history! With walking comes a lot, whining, falling, bumps, baby proofing everything, blood, yes blood! Its a bittersweet thing, now I just can't wait till he gets a little better at it cause he's taking a beating!

Proof in the picture, poor little guy!! We also have 4 new teeth, in the picture below you can see the two top ones. The two ones next to those have broken in and are making their decent!

I know it's a sad picture! He also has a new trick that he just loves doing! He is such a ham and we just love him so much! He is growing up way too fast, slow down!!


Ness said...

he is such a cutie pie! And what a sweet husband you have!

Britnie said...

How fun! I wish Jay and I could get a night away! It will probably be awhile before that happens, its a lot harder to find a babysitter for two kids. Luckily we have great parents that love to watch them! Gage is so so cute! He definately is growing so fast!