Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Party Weekend!

The weekend before Christmas is always so eventful. We were pretty busy but it was such a blast and now I'm even more excited for Christmas. Friday I went out with some girl friends to dinner and we did a gift exchange. There is nothing better than sitting around with your friends and eating junk and laughing so hard you almost cry. I had so much fun and I'm so lucky to have such great friends in my life!

Saturday morning we woke up and headed over to visit Harley Santa. Harley knows how to do Santa. There is no paying $20 for one 5x7 its free there and you can even take your own pictures. Gage was in lala land again and didn't even notice someone new was holding him. We were so happy we went and did this, we will again next year for sure!

Saturday night we went to my dads side of the family Christmas Party. This party has been going on for years, since 1968 to be exact. I have so many childhood memories here and can't wait to start them with Gage. Its a mix of singing, kids doing music, dancing, treats, and Santa! We had fun and Gage sure did love the singing, he is starting to dance it's too cute!

Serious faces!
Santa was first a bust but when he started ringing his bells Gage was ok.
I couldn't resist getting a million pictures of him in this adorable outfit!

Sunday we had Tyler's family party. This party is a lot of fun and I'm so lucky to be apart of this family. Gage really enjoyed himself and he wore these Reindeer ears for the longest time, it was a Christmas miracle!
I'm thinking for Christmas I will go out and get him some Balloons, he loved them!
We had an early Christmas with two gifts already, our new comforter! and this amazing toy box Grandpa & Grandma made for Gage. It's beautiful and so much better then anything in a store. We are so lucky, and Gage loves it!4 more days, we can't wait! We hope Everyone has a Merry Christmas!


Ness said...

oh my goodness!!! Your bed room is DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily said...

LOVE Gage's outfit, LOVE the toy box, and LOVE the comforter! Sounds like the perfect weekend!