Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gage and Kimberlee

Gage got to spend some extra quality time with Kimberlee this week. We sure do love her!!
They both love the new Elmo Restaurant!
Bath time together, Sorry for the nudity Shirley!
Jammie Time!~
Gage is so lucky to have such a great cousin!


Jessie & Steve said...

So dang cute!!! I love your kids!!!

Kimberlee Dawn said...

Amber how cute are those pics! Thanks for taking care of her! She loved every minute of it and she adores her cousin Gagey

Brittany Helquist said...

Cute! ha, before opening your blog it said..."They love the new Elmo Restraunt" and I was like...What?! I have to ask her where that is, how cool! lol then I saw the picture :)