Thursday, July 23, 2009

5 Months!

Everyday is something new with Gage, and everyday we are more and more thankful for such an amazing son! We love you Gage, Happy 5 months!

At 5 months he.....
-Is 18lbs, as of this morning on our scale. He is 26 1/2 inches long, he is a big boy, we love it!
-He is tripod sitting and sitting for a few seconds on his own, he gets better everyday.
-He finally rolled over from back to belly, and now he's doing it all the time. Still no belly to back, he still hates tummy time!
-He found his toes and constantly wants to hold/suck on them, especially during diaper changes!

-He is eating Oatmeal every morning. He scarfs it down so fast, he loves it He also tried Green Beans and liked those too.
-He is still sleeping through the night and taking 2-3, 1-2 hour naps a day. He is still swaddled, we tried to stop but he would scream bloody murder. As soon as we swaddled him he stopped crying and fell right asleep, he will be swaddled till college! :)
-He still loves all his toys, he is a crazy man now in the Jumperoo. I will try to post a video soon, its hilarious!
-He is wearing 3-6 but any day now he will be grown out of them. He is moving into 6-12 slowly.
-He is a smiler, he smiles for anyone and everyone.
-He has a new found appreciation for his tongue.
-His teeth still have not broken the gums. He has 2 that are just playing with us, they're just lovely!
-He is just the most amazing boy ever!!

His first roll on camera, It takes him a minute!


Emily said...

I love those cheeks!! As he gets rolling over more, and gets closer to scooting he'll eventually work himself out of being swaddled. That's how both Krew and Sway did it at least.
Gage is SO cute!!

Jessie & Steve said...

He looks so dang cute. I couldn't believe how much he had grown since I last saw him. He is a beautiful baby boy. Happy 5 months!

Kimberlee Dawn said...

Amber what a beautiful little boy you are raising! I just adore him, he is so so beautiful. I sure loved the video watching him roll was great. Send him my love! xoxoxo