Wednesday, November 16, 2016

4 months!

4 months, oh where does the time go? 
Sawyer you're simply amazing and words just can't explain how loved you are! Your brothers adore you and everyone who meets you just falls in love instantly. You're a very special little girl!
You're 13lbs and 25 inches. You're about average in all areas. You have the cutest cheeks though and skinniest legs ever! Your feet are also crazy tiny and no shoes really fit you. 
You're wearing size 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. Eating 4 oz. We started you on rice cereal on 11-15-16 and you were not interested. Maybe you will like veggies or oatmeal better. 
You're a pretty chill baby but when you cry, you cry! You're starting to use your toys more often and like sitting in your bumbo. You rolled this month and it was the cutest ever! You're sleeping in your crib and its been hit or miss. We're trying to get you unsaddled and thats been hard for you. Some nights you'll sleep all night and some are just a mess. You do well with your binky but you enjoy playing with it more than sucking on it. You're trying to hold your own bottle and that makes me sad. You smile all the time and I'm not just saying that you do. You giggle a lot and its the sweetest. You love eating your hands. You love bath time. You're still not loving the car 100%. You love blankets and love them by your face. You still have blue eyes and your hair is coming in super blonde. 
You're babble more and love cooing. 
We experienced your first halloween and you were wonder woman. 
You're the best, we love you baby girl! 

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