Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yellowstone August 2013

I love everything about vacations, and I make it a point to take at least 2 every year. I feel like life is all about working hard to play hard. The memories we make when we take these trips big or small are priceless! We took off early Saturday morning in my parents big van. Thank goodness we took the big beast, it made the trip perfect. We had so much room to spread the kiddos out. We could bring whatever we wanted. We could walk around if needed, thank you so much mom & dad! We picked up Grandma Julie and we were off. The trip there was super fast and both kiddos did great! Gage watched movies most of the ride and Nash slept. We were a little worried about this trip cause Nash isn't the biggest fan of his car seat. Thankfully he did awesome and slept most of the time! We stayed in West Yellowstone and had a so-so hotel. That day we headed straight to Old Faithful and did the lower west loop. Old Faithful was cool, a fun thing to see for sure. Yellowstone Lake was all our favorites though, it's huge! We ended that night with a great dinner and three bears restaurant and called it a night. The great thing about traveling with kiddo's is that you always go to bed early! We got great sleep this trip, and had perfect weather too!
When I went to upload ALL these pictures it uploaded them all out of order. I'm not going to fix that so here's our trip all scattered about!
Sunday morning we woke up early and decided to do the upper half. We did this hike down to a beautiful waterfall. The hike down was easy but going back up was interesting. Gage did awesome, I swear that kid can do anything! The hike was a lot of fun though, I'm glad we did it!
There was a fire in the mountains while we were there. Scary!
This was from the last day at Bear World. We decided on Monday night to head back to Idaho Falls and stay there. We woke up Tuesday morning and went to Bear World. It was Tyler and I's second time there but Gage, Julie, and Nash's first. It was a fun stop!
Funny story here... When we booked the rooms I didn't think to ask if they had cribs, I just assumed. When we checked in we were surprised to find no cribs. We had to make due with what we had, and that meant a drawer. Nash did great with it though, and slept really well. This first night was the start of his waking up only once a night trend. Good handsome chunk!
We didn't see any bears inYellowstone so I'm super happy we did Bear World.
Yellowstone Lake, just half of it.
Nash did awesome in the big part of the stroller! 2 months going on 7 I swear!
Our hotel in Idaho Falls had a pool, so Gage was extra excited for swimming. We wanted to take Nash for his first time but the water was freezing, so we did a little photo shoot instead.
We will now call Yellowstone Bison country, they're everywhere!!

It was a perfect, fun, relaxing trip! 

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