Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our August so far...

August has been such a great month for us! Getting out and doing things with Nash has been fun and he does really well in the real world. Life is finally starting to get back to normal! 
The first of August I went to Bruno Mars with my friends Alisha & Erin! Us 3 always have the best time together! It was the first night away from little man, it was hard but thank goodness for amazing family. Thanks Shirley & Mom for taking my boys!
August 5th was Kimberlee & Krew's birthday! Kimberlee turned 6 and Krew turned 3! I just love these two kiddos so much, I don't know what we would do without them! 
IMG_2960IMG_2962IMG_2964IMG_2965IMG_2969 IMG_2972
Gage had preschool orientation and he started school this month. He loves school and he does awesome with it! I never have to drag him there in the mornings and he always comes home with tons of stuff. 
We (when I say we I mean Tyler) did some home improvements this month. I love our new shed and backsplash. We have quite a few things we want to do, hopefully we can get 1 done a month. 
We had a few playdates and bbqs! 
Gage got to go to the Zoo with grandma Julie & grandpa Kurt. He had a blast! 
We took Brynlee & Bryton to visit Tyler at the firestation. Brynlee was hilarious, she loved it! 
IMG_0293IMG_0292 IMG_0291IMG_0290
Nash & Bryton were highly amused! 
Last weekend we went fishing just the 4 of us. We found a new little lake called Teapot lake and it was beautiful! We didn't catch anything but still had some awesome family time. Gage is quite the good little caster. He had a hard time keeping his pole in the water cause all he wanted to do was cast it. 
We welcomed our newest nephew/cousin into our family. Ayden came into the world early at 33 weeks. He's doing awesome though and making improvements fast. We're hoping Zach and Monica get to take him home soon! I can already tell they're going to be great parents!

We had a lot of fun with some family we hadn't seen in awhile! 
And the month isn't even over yet! :) Life is great, we're so blessed! 

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Shirley said...

Is Gage in a Spiderman costume???? Where was my "what about Shirley" when you went to the fire station. Hmm! Great pictures of the lake and your family.