Tuesday, September 21, 2010

State Fair

Gage last year at the fair!
Every year my fam tries to all get together and make a state fair trip. This year we were missing Brandon but he was in our hearts! Our family is growing and growing and soon enough we will have another sweet baby to the mix. So with that comes more and more chaos! Gage alone is a crazy time! I wouldn't change a thing though, I love our times together!
Grandpa the retired Navy Man!They had the cutest sea lion show. Gage was antsy waiting for it to start but once it started he never took his eyes off it. It made me so excited for Sea World next month. He is going to love all the shows and the animals.
I was the designated ride rider with the kiddies. Gage of course liked the rides and Kimberlee will ride anything!
We all went doen the yellow slide and once Gage was done he started running back to go again, Kimberlee sad she'd rather not! You really get some air on that thing!
This is Gage's new lounging position, I just love it!
With every animal we saw Gage would say, What's that? What's that? It was cute! This Goat was quite friendly with Gagey.

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