Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 4

A habit I have that I wish I didn't, hmmmm! Well I have a few but probably the main one that gets annoying is not speaking up. With my family and close friends I can tell them how it is. If I don't want to go somewhere, do something, I say no and they understand and all is well. I need to start thinking more for me with everything! If I have a problem with something or a way something is happening I need to learn to speak up! Sometimes I'm just too dang nice I guess. Now don't get me wrong the last thing I want to be in life is nasty and rude and biotchy. I just don't want to be walked over and I want to speak my mind! In reality though I don't see it happening. It will probably always be one of those things! So there you have it folks! I leave you with my adorable, most amazing son! Nighty night!

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StaceyLintz said...

Well there Ms. Amber....I've struggled with the same thing. Fortunately, as I've gotten older it has gotten easier....still learning and struggle at times though. There is a tactful way to be assertive and not be a door is my goal to master how. =)

And yes, your son is most amazing!! =)