Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 18

Plans/Dreams/Goals I have....
Well if you know me I have plans for sure. I plan out everything and lists are my specialty!

Plans & Goals are kinda the same, no? Well I'm combining them cause I can!
Family Goals
*We want to be out of our house before we have another baby (2+years away). We also want Tyler to finish Paramedic School before we move out as well. Cross your fingers he gets in next year, if so it's all paid for by Midvale Fire and he gets his salery while going to school! Sweet Deal!
*Double our savings before we start looking for new houses, 1/3 way there already!
*I have been not wanting to do extra things to our house because we won't be here much longer. Well I'm getting ansty so doing little things here and there will not hurt right!
*Finish Gage's one year book before he is two!
* Plan a cruise for 2011 with friends! My friends are the best, they're waiting on Tylers paramedic school plans to decide when we actually go!
*Start Christmas shopping.

My goals
*Organize my two jobs, family life, exercise life, friend life, and my own wants and needs better!
*Take Gage on walks more and to the park, now that winter is approaching! :(
*Get rid of my gut!
-Relax a little more.
-Keep Gage on the right track.

Be happy and healthy for atleast 80+years more!
Health and happiness for everyone I love as well.
Live in a huge house with a maid, cook, personal trainer!
Never have to worry about money.
Have another pregnancy as easy as mine was, and birth.
That's all I can think of at the moment. I'm off to check off one goal off my list, to the gym I go!


Shirley said...

Great list.. I want to knock some off with you. Love ya.

Katie said...

So much of this sounds exactly like me! haha I have so many differents lists for things that sometimes I worry that I'm just creating more work for myself. I seriously can't stop!