Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Kimberlee!

Today is this little sweethearts 3rd Birthday! I just loved my phone call from her this morning saying, "Hi Amber it's my Birthday!" She really brings so much joy to our lives and no words can explain how much I love her! Happy Birthday beautiful girl, we love you!

Speaking of birthdays I think we will be having another one really soon, I'm guessing tomorrow August 6th! It would be so crazy if Kimberlees little brother was born a day after her birthday! Come out Krew we are ready for you! I also can't believe how amazing my sister looks at 39 weeks pregnant! Love you Shirl!

Monday night we took a Harley ride to a cute little diner called "Ruths." Tyler bought a new seat for his bike and thank goodness he did! It's ten millions times better and my big butt can fit on it now! We had so much fun with good friends and good food!
Lastly because it's hard for me to post without putting some Gage on here! Can you believe he will be 18 months this month, crazy!!


Brittany said...

Holy cow gage is just growing up! Its neat looking at your blog and how much he is starting to change from a baby to a little boy :) I can say that cuz it's the same with my boy, as soon as he was 18 months he started just looking so much older :( it's sad. Cute boy though, he is looking a lot like his dad from those pics!

Shirley said...

Your right, you were wrong.. good guess though you were close! Thanks for the sweet words about monkey! She does light up your lives! Love ya!