Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Silly Boy

Gage has been doing some funny stuff lately that we just love! He is talking so much and his voice is just the cutest thing ever! He is also doing so well with his manners, something we have been working on. When he wants something he will now say "please" and we are working on yes please too. He will even say it without us prompting him, which is adorable! His new favorite word is yeah yeah when he gets excited about something! He loves wearing shoes, he will go into his room and pick out a random pair of shoes and ask us to put them on. He went from hating shoes to loving them!He is a water maniac, if he sees a hose or any form of water watch out. We went to Cowabunga Bay last weekend with some friends and Gage had a lot of fun! I love taking him to new fun places, and seeing his reaction!
He is also really into hats lately. He will wear his hat for quite some time and he just looks so adorable with them on!

He is a very active curious boy, I wouldn't change that for anything though.

Also a recent post from "Jesse" on her garden prompted me to update you all on ours. It's growing and we have a few red tomatoes, two pumpkins {my favorite}, and a squash! It's fun to watch them all grow!


Shirley said...

Amber Rae, Gage is the most cutest cutest little boy! I am so serious his cuteness is almost ridiculous! Oh I miss him and need a lovin fix can I watch him soon!!! Garden veggies look awesome and your new website is incredibly professional! Im such a proud big sis ha ha ! Love ya!

TJones said...

What a big boy! And so cute!