Monday, April 5, 2010


Gage woke up extra early Easter morning (5:45) he must have been extra excited! I was lucky enough to get some snuggle time in our bed before Tyler got home from the station! Gage is not a snuggler so anytime he does I enjoy fully! We didn't do a big Easter with Gage this year for two reasons, 1. He won't remember, and 2. The Grandparents really over did it for us! Here he is opening his basket from us, with his Brother.

He was so funny, he took everything out one by one, gave it to dad, then took it back and put it away. He is already learning to clean up, I love that!I think this is his "this is it" face.
He was more excited to walk around in his basket then to play with things in his basket.

We then packed up and headed to 5 mile pass for the day. Gage zonked out half way there and I had to get a picture of his amazing lips, I'm so jealous! He has a rash on his chin from slobbering all weekend, his molars broke through so we've been dealing with that.
When we got to 5-mile there was some snow but that didn't stop Gage. He loved it and was so excited to see everyone! It was pretty cold so we spent a lot of time in the 5th wheel with the heater on. I was worried Gage would get stir crazy in there but he did awesome. I don't think I've seen him happier. He opened his Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa which he loved!
Then we took him on his first atv ride (don't worry we went probably 1 mile an hour). The entire time he kept saying whoa, whoa, whoa which ended up being the word of the day.
He had an Easter Egg hunt with Grandma Julie. He kept picking up the eggs, putting them in the basket, then taking them back out and throwing them. Maybe next year he will get the Easter Egg hunt idea.
We ended up leaving 5 mile around 2:30 and Gage zonked out about 1 min into the ride. He went over to my parents that night and had some Easter fun there.
My parents always go overboard, we are so thankful!
Gage has a new love for his slinky!
At my parents there is always a lot of laughs. Unfortunately they were all geared to me this time, it's ok I can take it. We saw something on tv about the cinnamon challenge which led to Tyler asking someone to do it. I've always been that person that tries things first and does silly stuff so of course I said I'd do it. Bad Choice, I'll get the video up here soon but it was bad. I expected it to be hard but it was much worse. Cinnamon went straight up my nose and puffed out twice like a dragon. I inhaled so fast and instantly coughed it out. The cinnamon coated my throat so I then had trouble breathing, Oh don't worry everyone was dying of laughing watching me die from cinnamon. I'm still getting cinnamon out of my nose and will not ever look at it the same again. Right after me Bradon went and did it just fine. He used a different method and didn't use my crazy one. We ended the night with another Egg hunt, which was too cute! It was a great Easter and one we wont forget!

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Jessie & Steve said...

OMG Amber! That is hilarious. I can't wait to see the puffs on the video. You are one brave woman!