Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Weekend

We had a very busy fun weekend. It was filled with lots of laughs and so much love! Friday Gage had his first Daycare Valentines Party, he was only concerned about his bag and not much else.
Friday night Tyler and I went out on a date. For the last 3 years we have been going to PF Changs for dinner on V-day. They take reservations and we always have the best experiences there, and we love love love their food. After a kirin, lettuce wrap, sweet and sour chicken, and spicy chicken we were stuffed! We attempted to go to the movies but being old parents we went home and watched Dexter! I think I fell asleep at about 10:00, haha it was a great night.
Saturday was busy, busy, with Bridal Showers, Tax apts, dress shopping, and finishing the night with a friends dinner. Alisha and Carlos had us and some other friends over for a Delicious pasta dinner. I was a little worried how Gage would behave but I really do have the best people child. He loves being around lots of people and was the center of attention of course. He loves being around A&C but we do too! We really do have the most amazing friends!
Valentines morning we got to sleep in till 7:00, woohoo! Gage woke up and opened his gifts. He wasn't sure about his singing gorilla but now it has grown on him.
Again I think he was more interested in his bag. Tyler and I agreed to not get anything for each other and save the money for our Vegas trip in a few weeks. He of course didn't listen and got me some beautiful flowers, I sure do love that man! We made a visit to Grandpa and Grandmas and then Gage went to hang out with Grandpa Sean and Grandma Stacey. Tyler and I went to the gym, so romantic I know. Then we headed home to cook a steak dinner and relax with our little monster!
8 more days till this little guy turns one, I still can't believe it!

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