Monday, January 25, 2010

11 months!

Wow, I only have two more of these to do and my baby will be ONE! At 11 months he is....

-25lbs and about 30 inches long, this is a big guess. Getting him to lay down and measure is a challenge.

- He is pretty much all on table food, for breakfast he still likes his oatmeal with fruit. Table food is so easy, were loving it.

-He still loves his bottle but will take a sippy cup when offered. One more month of formula, woohoo!!

-He is in to EVERYTHING! He is very observant and very snoopy, he takes after his mom. He opens every drawer and every cabinet. He climbs on tables now and couches. He is a climber for sure, he loves the stairs.

-He is very independent and doesn't let us do a lot for him.

-He is saying mama a lot but that's all. He jibbers jabbers a lot but no real words.

-His sleeping is all over the place. Thankfully he for the most part sleeps all night and still takes 3 naps a day!

-He loves to dance and clap to the music.

-He is a social butterfly and loves everyone and doesn't have stranger danger at all!

-He is a outdoors boy and we can't wait for spring to get here!

We love you Gage!
I konked him in the head with my camera on accident, he was very mad at me.


Britnie said...

Wow 11 months have gone by way too quick! He's such a cute little guy!

Emily said...

haha I LOVE that last picture... so cute and sad!! he's getting SO big! he's already doing so much more than Sway... Sway's still mostly on baby food AND formula (he doesnt like to chew table food so he spits it out, and he's had a problem adjusting to milk). it's amazing how fast they grow!