Monday, November 23, 2009

9 months!

9 months in 9 months out and it has gone by way too fast. Gage has such a personality, he always keeps us entertained! At 9 months he is.....
*23lbs and 29 inches. He is still a very big boy!
*He is eating more and more table food but still eating 3 meals of purees a day. He still eats like a champ.
*He feeds himself table food now, which is nice but makes me sad!
*He still army crawls everywhere! He is so fast and has completely mastered it. He will get on all fours and rock but doesn't like to crawl that way.
*Just this morning he pulled himself up onto the futon. He did it 3 times after that.
*He can pull himself from laying down to sitting.
*He can go up a few stairs.
*He can open drawers, and the pantry.
*His favorite things include, Snoops water/food, blinds, bowls, spoons, and DVD cases. Why we have toys I don't know.
*He babbles a lot but the only real word he has said was mama. I'm pretty sure he has no idea what it means though.
*He still sleeps all night and naps about 2-3 times a day.
*He has two bottom teeth, and his two top ones are making an appearance lately.
*He now whines at our feet for us to pick him up and follows us around the house. He reaches for us too which we love.
*He loves to walk around holding onto our hands, he could do it all day.

This month has been a very active one and he has done a lot. Gage has kept us very busy but were trying to enjoy every second. We are so lucky to have such an amazing little boy.

By the end of this photo shoot he had enough of the hat and gloves and sticker. He likes the snow though, but didn't want to smile for us.
Oh and his new favorite hang out is Snoops bed, poor Snoopy!

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Kimberlee Dawn said...

Answer your phone!!!! I have to much to say to comment. Gage is beautiful! xoxox