Friday, October 23, 2009

8 months!

Another month gone and a lifetime ahead of us. Gage is such a fun baby, he keeps us laughing and entertained all day long. It's weird how you can just watch babies and be entertained for hours! He is mobile now so we constantly have to watch him, thankfully our house is pretty baby safe. He is such a good baby that I'm kinda afraid to have another, cause he/she might be a little trouble maker. Thankfully that's way far down the road!

At 8 months he is.....

-21.5lbs and 30 inches long, such a big boy!

-He is army crawling everywhere, he has perfected it in the last few days. I think he will be crawling on all fours in the next month.

-He is eating 3 meals a day and taking 4-5 bottles a day too. He has tried green beans, bananas, peaches, pears, and pasta. He has done great with table food but it still scares me! He still loves eating and we don't have any problems with that.

-His sleeping is all over the place. For the most part he sleeps all night but 1-2 times a week he will wake. Were struggling right now with it because we know he is not hungry but when we do give him a bottle he falls right back asleep. Were hoping he's teething and that is why he's waking! Were thankful though that it doesn't happen all the time. He still take 3-4 naps a day!
-We retired the carrier car seat and were using the convertible now. I will miss the carrier and being able to take him places without waking him.
-He loves the daycare kids and will spend hours playing with them. When they're gone I think he really misses them, and he gets bored with me.
-He grabs and reaches for everything, he is very observant. If he sees something he wants, he will get it one way or another.
-He can stand with little assistance, and likes to walk while holding on to our hands.

This next month will be a big one for him. He will have his first Halloween, first plane ride, first beach experience, first vacation, and his first Thanksgiving! I can't wait to enjoy the holidays with him, he is going to love it! It's weird how no matter what problems come into our lives just looking at Gage makes everything bad go away. He brings us so much joy and love. I would do anything for him and I think he knows it. :) Happy 8 Months Gage...

Gage showing off his new skills


Jessie & Steve said...

Amber he is so stinking cute. I love the crawling he does. It's pretty funny. It makes me want a baby when you post all the milestones Gage hits.

Ness said...

So cute! I love his little grunting noises.

TJones said...

I can't believe he is that old already! What an amazing little boy! Seeing him gets me excited to meet my little boy! =)